Mission Statement

CD BRAIN Hub is a knowledge translation platform developed and maintained by the Behavioral Reward Affect + Impulsivity Neuroscience (BRAIN) Lab at the University of British Columbia, Canada. It aims to bring the most recent evidence-based updates on concurrent disorders to patients, their families, researchers, and care providers. This project is a part of Reducing Overdose and Relapse: Concurrent Attention to Neuropsychiatric Ailments and Drug Addiction (ROAR CANADA) research study. ROAR CANADA is a five-year research project funded by Health Canada, focused on people being treated for severe concurrent disorders. You can learn more about ROAR CANADA and other projects at the BRAIN Lab by visiting our website.

Our Team

Our diverse team consists of experts in the field and pioneer researchers with a sizzling passion for substance use and concurrent disorders.

Benyamin Zargar


Dr. Thomas Chao


Karina Thiessen

Graduate Student

Karling Luciani

Graduate Student

Lucia Forward

Research assistant

Paul Kee

Research Assistant

Heather Fulton


Christian G. Schütz